Eat 5 meals per Day to lose weight.

Jul 2015

                Why is thyroid hormones (T3 and T4) important when it comes to losing weight?  Many people fail to understand the job of thyroid gland in human body.  Today I will explain how we at Lose Fat Nashville clinic able to stimulate thyroid gland to produce more T3 and T4 to lose weight.              

                Our thyroid gland is under control of hypothalamus, meaning it gets its orders from hypothalamus.  When we eat food and when that food reaches stomach it sends a signal to your hypothalamus (gland located in brain) as to how much food is in our stomach.  So hypothalamus not only plays role in giving orders to thyroid gland but it also gives the stomach that it is full and now it can’t hold any more food or gives us the satisfaction of fullness so we don’t eat more.  As soon as we feel full and stop eating.  Hypothalamus sends a signal to thyroid gland via TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) to start producing thyroid hormone to digest all the food we ate.  Once the food is digested it is used as energy, stored as fat for future energy source or body gets rid of it.  When this process slows down we start gaining weight and storing fat.

                The way we stimulate thyroid hormone is by telling patients to eat 5 times per day and each meal can be big as they want but no processed or junk foods.  When you eat 5x per day your thyroid keeps getting stimulated and stays super active which causes more energy to burn.  Rather than shutting off and starting back again, it keeps active (at low level) and keeps burning all the calories we take in or stored. This process works in all of our patients and that is why they consider our weight loss program the Best Weight Loss Program.  This simple strategy of eating 5x per day can stimulate your weight loss.

Claiming for medical negligence

Jun 2015

In case, any medical surgery goes wrong then the patient is likely to claim for medical negligence. Under the procedure of claiming for medical negligence, it is the medical negligence lawyers such as who plays a vital role in claiming process. Medical negligence lawyer provides a variety of beneficial suggestions and guides you in the best way for handling the case to get success.

First conversation

Generally, the patient and the medical negligence lawyer conducts a conversation where the patient exposes his/ her situation in front of the lawyer, who after listing the case decides whether the case has any legal approach or not. On the basis of that the case is filled in the court. Over this conversation many important aspects are decided like charges of the lawyer is one of them. This conversation can be conducted either over the telephone or in personal.

Inquiring the matter

Next comes the inquiry section of the case, where the medical negligence lawyer investigates the case in-depth and gathers the evidences which prove the injury to be genuine one and also shows that it happened because of the treatment conducted by the particular doctor. The time consumption of this procedure depends on the complexity of the case filed.

Legal procedure

Once the medical negligence lawyer investigates the evidences then comes the time of conducting legal formalities performed at the court. In front of the court, it is the medical negligence lawyer who exposes your case for you.