Real Estate Mentor Tips and Tools

Feb 2017

What you need is real estate mentor, somebody who identifies the ins and outs of the industry and can display you the tips and tools you’re going to need to be successful in today’s market. This is essential because while research and courses are both useful and important, real estate is an area where knowledge counts for a great deal.

A mentor can provide you tips, like which markets are likely to ricochet and which aren’t, and they can show you how to use the right tools, like what you want to do to search for foreclosures, or how to access networks that will allow you to find the best deals. If you want more knowledge about real estate mentor then you can also check reviews of freedom mentor.

That said, it’s not a matter of finding a mentor, it’s the matter of finding the right mentor. Because the potential for profit is so high and the field so open, you’re going to find that a lot of so-called real estate mentors have no idea how to really help you make money, merely regurgitating information from some weekend seminar they went to that was hosted by another person without hands on experience.

One thing to look for in a mentor is someone who was been in both up and down markets. Lots of people got into the housing market when the housing bubble was growing, when it was easy to make money while not actually knowing a thing about how property investing really works.